Shop with a Boss provides a fun filled day for children in need throughout a predetermined city or county area while creating positive relationships with local entrepreneurs and business owners.  This unique late November / early December shopping experience assists parents/guardians in need who may not be able to afford gifts for their children. This event is proven to help take children minds off the worry of not being able to have an amazing holiday. The participating children are identified by schools, churches, youth organizations, and social services agencies. There is an application process to participate. Unfortunately, not all the children are able to participate due to the overwhelming number of applicants.  The qualifications considered are as follows but are not limited to: not having participated before, meet the age requirement (5-18), live in determined city or county area, and need assistance.  Each application is reviewed and carefully considered for approval.


On the day of the event, entrepreneurs and business owners volunteer their time to be with the children for lunch at a designated location. Following the time spent with the entrepreneurs and business owners the children participate in a procession (riding with parent) and head to a store for shopping with their “Boss for the Day”. Each child will get to experience a shopping spree of $100 Dollars. During the shopping experience, children are encouraged by their “Boss for the Day” to buy 1 or 2 gifts for someone like their parents or another special someone in their life Once the shopping spree is done, children are free to go home with their parent/guardian.

This year, Plummer Enterprises has partnered with SquareOne Networks (Non-Profit Organization) to ensure that all of our sponsors contributions are tax deductible.

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Please make all checks payable to Square One Networks.

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Notate in Memo: Shop With a Boss Sponsorship

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